Sunday, February 4, 2007

Campur Sari: Indonesian Music

Returning to Java in 1999, I discovered that the innovations of Sragen musicians had been taken much further, and a new craze was sweeping Java. This was 'Campur Sari' which means 'mixed elements'. The elements refer to traditional gamelan instruments (drums, gongs, and other percussion instruments) and modern instruments, such as electronic keyboards, small guitars, and percussion instruments from various musics, such as maraccas, tambourines and so forth. Manthou's, a musician from Wonosari, in the province of Yogyakarta, developed this new eclectic style around 1995 and it has since become unbiquitous, at live performances at weddings, circumcisions, and state celebrations, and on television and radio. Manthou's is able to charge as much for one night's performance as a shadow puppeteer. Other troupes charge less, and are providing a new form of competition to shadow plays as the most standard form of entertainment in Java. More

In my first year in Thailand I was working with an interesting Canadian guy who had just arrived from travelling around Indonesia. Whilst on his travels he was sitting in an Internet cafe where the owner was playing a tape of very unusual Indonesian music. When my friend enquired about it the owner kindly gave him the tape as a gift. I was able to make a copy of it which I have posted here. Sorry about the minor imperfections of the recording, but the tape had been played a lot in the shop even before it was given to my friend. Also the cover scan is a black and white photocopy of the original cover - my Canadian friend has long since moved on. I've also tried to name the tracks as correctly as possible, which wasn't easy because they didn't match the track listings on the back. Manthou's was involved in the music on this tape as well as a couple of other singers. The first two tracks you'll hear are fairly standard, but then it proceeds to get quite unusual. Recommended!

Campur Sari: Gunung Kidul
Dasa Studio (1995)

1. Nyidam Sari (6:06) - vocal: Manthou's
2. Gunung Kidul Handayani (4:24) - vocal: Manthou's/Narish K.
3. Jenggleng George (10:25) - vocal: Manthou's/Wuryanti
4. Campur Manis II (6:19) - vocal: Bulik Minul
5. Kripik Telo Puhung (4:12) - vocal: Bulik Minul
6. Kripik Telo Puhung (5:07) - vocal: Bulik Minul
7. Campur Sari II (3:49) - vocal: Bulik Minul
8. Pripun (5:07) - vocal: Wuryanti
9. Jineman Uler Kambang (4:16) - vocal: Wuryanti
10. Kutut Manggung Rukan Agawe Santoso (2:31) - vocal: Bulik Yanti & Bulik Minul


Anonymous said...

Can you please repost this. Thanks

Mr. B.Normal said...

I've re-uploaded the MP3s @ 320

yoshime* said...

thanks for this share too. it looks very interesting! aalso a great raritie

keep up diggin'

Pedro said...

Your blog is fantastic, you haver several rarities/compilations i find very interesting. Will add it to my rss feed, so as to keep track of the news!


Miguel said...

This is great! Thank you!
I have a similar story... I was in a restaurant in Indonesia in 2007, asked what was playing, and the guy gave me the cd. With the album Degung: Sabilulungan (Sudanese Music of West Java) - the one I liked - came an extra 20 songs that I had no idea what they were... (including an indonesian version of Suzana)
I've been looking on the internet how to name and relate the songs, but I don't speak bahasa...
So now I have finally found this album! And with a cover!
Very nice... :)