Thursday, February 15, 2007

Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)

Also known as: Graveyard Tramps

In the late Eighties I bought the two trash music compilation albums Wavy Gravy and Four Hair Policeman. These I thought were brilliant. In between the music were radio movie trailers for b-movies I had mostly never heard of before. I thought these albums were great and continued to collect other ones which were in a similar vain. I decided that I wouldn’t mind seeing the original movies and I’ve now since seen quite a few of them. I was glad to recently find Invasion of the Bee Girls available on Emule as a download. I had originally heard the movie trailer to this one on the album Bent Batty & B'noxious and the other title it’s known under, Graveyard Tramps, is also on one of these albums.

It’s a typical early 70s low budget exploitation movie concerning a town where the local male inhabitants are slowly being found dead after having sexual intercourse. As the movie trailer proclaimed “they’ll love the life right out of you” and this they literally did. Who is the woman or women committing these crimes? The first victims all worked for a local scientific research laboratory. Could there be a connection? Hmmm, maybe! Enter our hero, Agent Neil Agar. He is a chiseled jaw guy who can beat up six rapists and not get a hair out of place.

The movie plodded a long until the scene where a new girl is initiated into the bee colony (I don’t want to give too much away), but this scene was actually quite eerie as she stands naked and is coated in this gooey stuff by the other girls. She then stands inside a chamber and bees swarm on to her. I have a soft spot for movies where the evil character’s eyeballs are blank like in the Omega Man where they are totally white and in this movie where they are totally black.

As the murders continue in the town the army is called in to quarantine it. Well, army is probably not the best description. After the small army convoy of trucks is shown, the only soldiers seem to be two guys who are the least likely soldiers you could find. They were probably recruited straight out of a roller disco or something. Eventually these two soldiers are easily over powered by a sexy chick showing her breasts. In fact all the girls in this film strip off at some point. So if you like silly low budget 70’s exploitation then you’ll probably enjoy this movie.

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