Monday, March 5, 2007

The Bloodstained Butterfly (1971)

A pretty girl is murdered in a park and a few people witness a man in a hat and raincoat hurriedly leaving the scene. The police are called in and an inch by inch forensic operation takes place. The investigation begins to slow down until one of the witnesses recognizes the man as being the same as a TV presenter. He is questioned and all the clues and evidence fall into place. He appears in court where all the evidence against him is overwhelming. Found guilty, he is sent to prison and that should be the end of the story….but the murders continue!

The Bloodstain Butterfly is well crafted Italian giallo, with nice cinematography and is shot in some beautiful locations. The first half of the movie involves the painstaking investigation and trial of the main suspect. I was just starting to think to myself that this movie’s a bit slow, when out of the blue another murder takes place. This is then followed by yet another. Suddenly, everything which has been presented is thrown into disarray. A number of other possibilities to the murders arise leaving you completely unsure of who could be involved and what is happening

Gore hounds may be a little disappointed with the lack of splatter, but what this move lacks with violence, it definitely makes up with the intricate narrative and style. This is definitely a giallo that’s worth seeing and the link below is for the Italian language version, plus English subtitles.

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