Thursday, December 25, 2008

Coldcut Solid Steel 21/8/93

Here’s my final Coldcut Solid Steel. This one is hosted by Matt Black and Jonathan Moore and is an incomplete show. When I originally transferred it from the tape I also edited out some of the chat because I thought there was too much.

Broadcast: Kiss FM, 21st August, 1993

Thanks again to Harbour for the set list:

1. Retravibe Movement - The Big Cheese Sound (Phat Vibes)
2. Wizards of Ooze - Doodahdip (Backbone)
3 & 4 Atypic - Focus Mel (Warp)
5. The Black Dog – Parallel
6. Balil – Flux (Rising High)
7. Negativland - The Perfect Cut (SST)
8. Producers For Bob - Everything's Disappeared (Steinski's Warehouse Mix)
9. Henryk Górecki – Lento E Largo - Tranquillissimo (Nonesuch)
10. Loop Guru - Paradigm Shuffle (Bird Of Paradise) (Nation)
11. Tranquility Bass - Mya Yadana (Caroline)
12. unknown ethnic house
13. Delroy & Ken - Won't You Come Home (Studio One)
14. John Holt - A Love I Can Feel (Trojan)
15. The Pioneers – Jackpot (Trojan)

Part One is here and Part Two is there

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coldcut Solid Steel 11/09/93

Here’s another Coldcut Solid Steel hosted by Matt Black. Again it's incomplete with about 40 minutes missing at the end.

I’ve just found I’ve got one more incomplete show from ’93. It’s a bit patchy but if anyone wants it, I can post it.

Broadcast: Kiss FM, 11th September, 1993

Thanks again to Harbour for the tracklisting.

1. Gideon – Planet Nod (unreleased track from scrapped Gideon album on Ninja Tune)
2. Dub Syndicate - 2001 Love (On U Sound)
3. Herman - New Love (Trojan Records)
4. Mother Dawn – Blue Pearl (Orb Buckateer Mix) (Big Life)
5. Polygon Window - UT1-Dot (Warp)
6. Sandoz - Biosynthetic (Touch)
7. Red Cell - Outerrim (B12)
8. Deep Six - Chomsky (Pork)
9. Pato Banton meets Thrash - Depths Of An Ocean's Love (Tribe)
10. Unknown dub
11. Unknown Indian ambience
12. Insanity Sect - Choctaw Ridge(Beyond)
13. Amorphous Androgynous - Mountain Goat(Quigley)
14. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Michael Brook - Sea of Vapours

Part One is here and Part Two is there

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Coldcut Solid Steel 18/7/93

Here’s my final tape of a complete (minus the commercials breaks) Coldcut Solid Steel radio show. This one is hosted by its regular host, Matt Black.

The show ends with a 50 minute “master-mix” put together by PC (aka DJ Food) & CC (whoever that is!).

Thanks to Harbour for the tracklisting.

Broadcast: Kiss FM, 18th July, 1993

Veggi Grooves - Start Here (Super Doppler Communications)
Sahasara - Mosaic (Radioactive Lamb)
Tangerine Dream - Fauni-Gena (Virgin)
The Inqusition - A Day And Forever (Radioactive Lamb)
Sahasara - Immerse (Radioactive Lamb)
Fuse - Another Time (Revisted) (Warp)
The Inquisition - Call Of L (Radioactive Lamb)
Mind Over Rhythm - Erzulie (Rumble)
Danny Red - Warn Dem (Dredbeat Records)
Augustus Pablo - Jah Dread (Shanachie )
Shakti & John Mclaughlin - India (Columbia)
Dreamfish - School Of Fish (Rising High)
Fuse - Dimension Intrusion (Warp)
Ubik - Non Stop Techno (Zoom)
B-12 - Hall Of Mirrors (Warp)
unknown dark techno
Amorphous Androgynous - Auto Pimp (Quigley)

Part One is here and Part Two is there

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jah Shaka - New Testaments of Dub Part 1

This is one of my all-time favorite dub reggae albums. It consists of very minimalistic dub with a heavy emphasis on deep bass accompanied by layered synth delays that blend in and out. It’s perfect for testing out your subwoofers.

Incidentally, in the mid-90’s, I attended a few of the Jah Shaka Sound System nights at the Rocket in Holloway Road, London. Shaka would use only one record deck and the sound was pumped out from all four sides of the room through large stacks of speakers each with a public address system horn mounted on the top. The bass was amazing and you could feel each note resonate through different parts of your body. I even witnessed deaf people attend because they could sense the music.

I see he’s still doing nights with his sound system so if you are in the area, I recommend checking it out. There’s info on his website here.

From his website:

Right from the beginning he [Shaka] was preaching how sound-system was the true medium of the people, capable of passing on vital messages unable to be heard anywhere else.

Hope you enjoy this music. Appreciated best when incredibly stoned and not for light-weights.

1. Promise Dub
2. Real Dub
3. Natty Dub
4. Testament Dub
5. Armagedeon Dub
6. Right Dub
7. Alert Dub
8. Halilujah Dub
9. Sunshine Dub
10. History Dub

Feel the dub here.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

60's Cambodian Band (video)

If you enjoyed my Cambodian 60's music compilation, Cambodian Swing Machine, you might be interested in this clip of a Cambodian band performing the Kink's All Of The Day And All Of The Night. There's some great dancing and where are the notes going on the top end of the chorus?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stay in Bed (mellow psych compilation)

Here’s a great compilation by my friend, Cuthbert9. It’s a mixture of mellow dreamy psychedelia and is perfect for those Sunday mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed.

1. 23rd Turnoff – Michaelangelo
2. World of Oz – Like A Tear
3. The Action - Things You Cannot See
4. Billy Nichols – Come Again
5. David Axelrod – Schoolboy
6. Tim Buckley – Once I Was
7. The Kytes – Frosted Panes
8. The Move – Beautiful Daughter
9. Gene Clark – So You Say You’ve Lost Your Baby
10. Love – Hummingbirds
11. The Giant Jellybean Cop Out – Look At The Girls
12. Eddie Harris – Smoke Signals
13. Manfred Mann – Up The Junction
14. The Monkees – As We Go Along
15. The Beach Boys – Let’s Go Away For A While
16. George Harrison – While My Guitar Gently Weeps (acoustic version)
17. Frabjoy & Runcible Spoon – Animal Song
18. Nick Drake – Fruit Tree
19. Country Joe & The Fish – Bass Strings
20. The Small Faces – Autumn Stone
21. We All Together – I’m A Bluebird
22. Mouse And The Traps – Sometimes You Just Can’t Win
23. The Gates of Eden – No One Was There

Part One is here and Part Two is there.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Here is a great EP from Cowcube. The music is really unique and hard to describe – just think of lots of samples of old Space Invader arcade games. The story of Cowcube is interesting:

Cowcube (a.k.a. Paul Stimpson) made the [John Peel Radio Show] 2000 Festive Fifty with Popping Song. He actually gave his demo to John's son William in a pub in Stowmarket, and it sat on a shelf for a year, until John found it and proclaimed it the best thing he'd heard that year. {Info courtesy of Margrave, p. 390]

From what I vaguely remember this was one of the most requested songs on his show that year and ironically Cowcube never had a recording contract. From what I remember, he was offered one but was asked to tone it down with the samples. Because of this, he refused the deal.

This EP he sold on CD-R directly from his home.

I haven’t heard any more of Cowcube, which is a real shame as he is obviously a unique and talented artist.

1) Tickle Burst
2) Metrocross
3) Sprite
4) Itchy Cut


The Flashing Blades

Ok, I’m going to be a bit self-indulgent now – here are a couple of songs from the band I was in back in 1992. The band was called The Flashing Blades, after the TV series with the same name, and I played bass guitar. The music was punk/indie and apart from Stepping Stone and The Flashing Blade, which incidentally was a cover of the theme song to the TV series, all the songs here are our own compositions. The last song, Joe The Cleaner, is from 1987 and my earlier band, The Electric Guineafowl, which was basically the same band except for the guitarist.

Have a listen and I hope you enjoy it.

1) Stepping Stone
2) The Flashing Blade
3) Freak Show
4) Playing The Spy
5) I Wanna Be In The Nude
6) Joe The Cleaner


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hava Narghile: Turkish Rock Music 1966-1975

Similar to the Turkish Delights compilation is this great collection of vintage psychedelic rock music from Turkey. With 22 tracks, spanning the years 1966-1975, this collection is a great introduction to the fanatastic, long-lost Middle Eastern acid rock scene. These bands raved it up in Istanbul nighclubs, blending the Western garage-psych rock of the era with Turkish folk influences (electic fuzz saz!), bellydancing beats, and all manner of "exotic" flourishes. Of the 17 artists on here, only a few names were already known to us, mainly from that aforementioned Turkish Delights lp or as the Turkish entries on the fab Love Peace & Poetry: Asian Psychedelic Music compilation. More.

Part one and two

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hipshakers Vol. 10

If you bought and enjoyed the compilations Le Beat Bespoke Volumes 1 and 2 by the New Untouchables, then you’ll probably enjoy this compilation by New Untouchables head man Rob Bailey. This is Volume 10 of his 10 volume series which he privately sold on cassette tape prior to releasing the CDs. Actually, this volume was the only one of the series which he put out on CD-R. Like the Le Beat Bespoke compilations, it’s a mix of mod, garage, psych, freakbeat, blue-eyed soul, and is very good for any foot–tappin’ party. This is my favorite volume of the series.

The original CD-R only played as two tracks so I’ve split them all up into their individual tracks so as to make it a bit more user-friendly. Sorry about the black and white cover as my copy is a photocopy of a friend’s.

N.B. I see there will soon be a volume 3 of Le Beat Bespoke.

Hipshakers Vol. 10

1. Intro (Victims of Chance Part One & Two)
2. Fire & Ice – Mirrors
3. Vanity Fare – Megowd
4. Sweet Smoke – Mary Jane is to Love
5. Plastic Penny – It’s a Good Thing
6. Los Gatos Negros – You Took Your Love
7. Jackie Lomax – Little Yellow Pill
8. The Kool – Step Out of Your Mind
9. Claude Fancois – Serre-moi, Griffe-mo
10. Dick Wagner & the Frosts – Sunshine
11. Thane Russell – If I Were a Carpenter
12. The Roundtable – Eli’s Comin’
13. Willie Hobbs – On the Move
14. Frankie Newsome – Don’t Miss With My Lovemaker
15. Joe Jeffery – The Train
16. Tom Jones – Looking Out My Window
17. Gene Latter – Holding a Dream
18. Krimson Kake – Waiter
19. Joy Unlimited – Feelin’
20. Chopper – Think I’m a Man
21. Focal Point – Sycamore Sid

Part one and two.

Sleaz and Cheaz

I've been listening to a great mix this past week which I'd downloaded from the Sleazy Listening blog. It's a compilation of music from 70's Italian soft-core porn movies, most notably the Black Emmanuelle series, and Serge Gainsbourg orientated songs as well as a few others thrown in. The whole thing has been very slickly mixed and makes a perfect accompaniment to those more tender moments when you are with your girlfriend. I recommend visiting Sleazy Listening and having a listen.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sixties Garage and Psychedelic Bands, Volume 3 (video)

Here’s Volume 3 of the compilation I made of videos of various sixties garage and psychedelic bands, plus a few extras. The quality does vary as all of it came from different sources on the internet. Thanks to people like Bedazzled and Beyond the Beat Generation for uploading the originals.

I have a video with another two hours of American garage bands which I may post at a later date. The quality of it is very bad at times, but apart from about three tracks, none of it I have posted before.

Running Time: 162 mins
Format: avi (XviD)
Frame Rate: 25.00 fps

1) Korla Pandit - Magnetic Theme (Adventures in Music. circa. 1950’s, USA), 2) Count Five - Psychotic Reaction (Where The Action Is, 1966. USA), 3) Changin' Times - How Is The Air Up There? (Shivaree. 1966. USA), 4) Good Guys - Stupid Tuesday (Tea council "Battle of the Bands", 1967, USA), 5) The Cavemen - Mustang Sally (Mike Douglas Show. 1966. USA), 6) Swing Wing (ad. 1965. USA), 7) The Atlantics - It's A Hard Life (The Go!! Show. 1966. Australia.), 8) Black Diamonds - See The Way (1966. Australia.), 9) Allusions - Gypsy Woman (The Go!! Show. 1966. Australia), 10) D-Coys – Bad Times (The Go!! Show. 1966. Australia), 11) Hollywood a Go Go (complete show open and close. 1965. USA), 12) Tony & The Bandits - It's A Bit of Allright (Shindig. 1965. USA), 13) Ray Columbus and the Invaders – She’s A Mod (1964. New Zealand), 14) This Is Tom Jones (ABC TV Promo. 1969. UK), 15) Sump'n Else (psychedelic light show. 1968. USA), 16) The Tangerine Zoo - Farther Down The Road (live. 1969. USA), 17) The Cake - You Can Have Him (The Smothers Brothers. 1967. USA), 18). Sharon Tandy with Fleur De Lys – Hold On (Beat Club. 1967. UK), 19) Yardbirds - Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (1967. UK), 20) It's Refreshment Time (ad. 1969. USA), 21) 7 Up (ad. 1968. USA), 22) Jack Nitzsche - The Last Race (Village of the Giants. 1965. USA), 23) Sylvie Vartan – Irresistiblement (1968. France), 24) Brigitte Bardot – Special Bardot (opening titles. 1967) / Harley Davidson (promo. 1968. France), 25) Aliki Vougiouklaki (Ah! Afti I Gynaika Mou. 1967. Greece), 26) La Joven Guardia - El Extrano Del Pelo Largo (El Extraño de Pelo Largo. 1970. Argentina), 27) La Joven Guardia - Vuelvo A Casa (El Extraño de Pelo Largo. 1970. Argentina), 28) Creatures - Where Can She Be (Käpy Selän Alla. 1966. Finland), 29) Shanes - I Don't Want Your Love (1965. Sweden), 30) Go Go Dancing Marathon (news clip. Australia. 1966), 31) Deakins - Look And Learn (The Go! Show. 1966. Australia), 32) Yvonne Barrett and The Cherokees – Off And Running (The Go! Show. 1966. Australia), 33) Russell Morris - The Real Thing (promo. 1969. Australia), 34) Beach Girls and The Monster (trailer. 1965. USA), 35) Erica and Margarita Broyer - Little Kiss (Teddy Boy Agapi Mou. 1965. Greece), 36) Captain Beefheart - Who Do You Think You're Fooling (Where The Action Is. 1966. USA), 37) The Castaways – Liar Liar (Never Too Young. 1965. USA), 38) The Castaways - Sam (Shivaree. 1965. USA), 39) Bobby Fuller Four - Swing A-Ma Thing (Ghost in the Invisible Bikini. 1966. USA), 40) unknown song (Nyxta Gamou. 1967. Greece), 41) Yeye Blouses (ad. 1967. Japan), 42) Le Girls with Kanai Katsuko – Mini Mine Love (1967. Japan), 43) Ox - Tears Of Swan (Japan. 1968), 44) The Tempters - Legend Of Emerald (1968. Japan), 45) The Mops -Bera Yo Isoge (1968. Japan), 46) The Blue Comets - Blue Eyes (Where To?. 1966. Japan), 47) The Blue Comets - Blue Chateau (1966. Japan), 48) Die Jungen Nachtwandler (trailer for German TV documentary on Swinging London. 1967. Germany), 49) Procul Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale (promo. 1967. UK), 50) Traffic - Paper Sun (promo. 1967. UK), 51) Trogs - Wild Thing (1966. UK), 52) Cryin Shames - What's News Pussycat (1966. UK), 53) Les Sinners - Elle Est Revenue (1966. Québec, Canada), 54) Olympic - Psychiatrický Prášek (1967. Czechoslovakia), 55) Eric Burdon and the Animals - Hey Gyp (Festival of the Flower Children, Woburn Abbey. 1967. UK), 56) Susan George Dancing in a Bikini (Die Screaming, Marianne. 1971. UK), 57) The Poppy Family - Happy Island (1969. Canada), 58) Moon Maids - There's A Cinder In My Eye (Shivaree. 1965. USA), 59) Caltex with Sabrina (ad. 1961. Australia), 60) Joi Lansing - Web Of Love (Scopitones. 1965. USA), 61) Joi Lansing - The Silencer (Scopitones. 1965. USA), 60) Mulqueen’s Kiddie A-Go-Go, includes The New Colony Six – I Lie Awake (Mulqueen’s Kiddie A-Go-Go. 1965. USA), 61)The One One Seven Group - unknown (Festival of the Flower Children, Woburn Abbey. Pathe News. 1967. UK), 62) Jerry Abrams - 'Be-In' (short film. 1967. USA)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11.

Or alternatively if you have Emule here: ed2K here

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Black and Hairy (a movie that never was)

Here’s the soundtrack to a fictional movie called Big Black and Hairy. It's a drive-in 60’s style psychedelic horror movie which incorporates the garage punk music of the time. If screaming 60’s go-go chicks being chased through dark misty graveyards to the fuzz-drenched sounds of garage bands, plus LSD, ESP and gore, fuelled by unbridled passion appeals to you, listen to this soundtrack.

The soundtrack is a 50 minute sinister mix with:

1) The Marble Orchard - The Graveyard 5
2) Sunday Sunday Dream - Lincoln St Exit
3) Never Thought You'd Leave Me - The Pleasure Seekers
4) Hey Little Bird - The Barbarians
5) Be A Caveman - The Avengers
6) Night Of The Sadist - Larry And The Blue Notes
7) It’s Trash - The Cavemen
8) And I Know - Brothers and Sisters
9) Enough Of What I Need - The Stoics
10) ESP - The Beaver Patrol
11) Shadows - Leatherboy
12) Sleepy Hollow - The Last Word
13) I Ain’t No Miracle Worker - The Chocolate Watchband
14) Primitive - The Groupies
15) Piccadilly Circus - Galaxies IV
16) Come Back Come Back - Duffy
17) (Bonus Track) Rapsodie Pour Belphegor - Camille Sauvage

The soundtrack is here.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sixties Garage and Psychedelic Bands, Volume 2

Here’s Volume 2 of the compilation I made of videos of various sixties garage and psychedelic bands, plus a few extras. The quality does vary as all of it came from different sources on the internet. Thanks to people like Bedazzled and Beyond the Beat Generation for uploading the originals. Volume 3 to follow.

Running Time: 135 mins
Format: avi (XviD)
Frame Rate: 25.00 fps

1) NBC TV Show Promos (1969), 2) The Preachers - Who Do You Love? (Shivaree. May, 1965. USA), 3) The Preachers - Chicken Poppa (Shivaree. May, 1965. USA), 4) The Breed - Green Eyed Woman (Local Sacramento Clip. 1965. USA), 5) New Colony Six - I Lie Awake (Mulqueen's Kiddie A-Go-Go. 1965. USA), 6) The Turtles - Almost There (Shivaree. July, 1965. USA), 7) Music Machine - The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly (Shebang. 1967. USA), 8) The Shags – Hey Little Girl (The Film with a Very Long Name. 1966. USA.), 9) The Bram Rigg Set - I Can Only Give You Everything (The Film with a Very Long Name. 1966. USA), 10) Tony and The Tigers – Day Tripper (Hullabaloo. 1966. USA), 11) Indian Beatles – I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Movie Clip. India), 12) Head trailer (1968), 13) The Loved Ones - The Loved One (Promo. 1966. Australia), 14) The Organisation – Hold On, I’m Coming (Mid 60’s. Australia), 15) The Richard Wright Group – What I’m Living For (1966. Australia), 16) The Atlantics – Come On (1967. Australia), 17) The Astronauts - Tomorrow Another Day (Mid 60's. USA), 18) The Rockin' Ramrods – Play It (Discoteck Holiday. 1966. USA), 19) The Renegades – Thirteen Women (Finnish TV. 1966. UK), 20) Les Baroques – Such A Cad (Promo. 1966. Holland), 21) The Sorrows – No No No No (Live. 1966. UK), 22) The Sorrows – Take A Heart (Live. 1966. UK), 23) The Pretty Things – LSD (Popside. 1966. UK), 24) Boyce and Hart - Out And About (I Dream of Jeannie. 17/10/1967. USA), 25) The Seeds – Satisfy Me (Live. 1967. USA), 26) Serena – I’m Gonna to Blow You A Kiss in the Wind (Bewitched. 19/2/1970. USA), 27) The Yardbirds – Heartful Of Soul (1967), 28) St Louis Union – English Tea (Ghost Goes Gear. 1966. UK), 29) Los Bravos – Black Is Black (Los Chicos Con Las Chicas. 1967. Spain), 30) Los Bravos – Bring A Little Lovin’ (Los Chicos Con Las Chicas. 1967. Spain), 31) Los Bravos – Going Nowhere (Los Chicos Con Las Chicas. 1967. Spain), 32) Los Buenos – Groovy Woovy (1, 2, 3 al Escondite Inglés. 1969. Spain), 33) Marisol - Corazón Contento (El Taxi de los Conflictos. 1968. Spain), 34) Los Shakers - Break It All (Promo. 1965. Uruguay), 35) The German Bonds - We Are Out Of Sight (1966. Germany), 36) The Mascots – Sad Boy (1965. Sweden), 37) Dino, Desi and Billy – I’m A Fool (Shivaree. 1965. USA), 38) The Vogues - Five O'Clock World (Shivaree. 1965. USA), 39) Sons of Adam – Instrumental (The Slender Thread. 1965. USA), 40) The Knickerbockers – Wild Thing (Where the Action Is. 1966. USA), 41) Five Americans - I See The Light (Shivaree. 1966. USA), 42) The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)/Get Me To The World On Time (The Hy Litt Show (1966. USA), 43) The Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine (Upbeat. 1968. USA), 44) Peppermint Trolley Company – Trust (Upbeat. 1969. USA), 45) Leonard Nimoy - The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins (1968, USA), 46) David McWilliams - The Days Of Pearly Spencer (1967. Ireland) 47) Zager and Evans - In The Year 2525 (1969. USA), 48) Os Mutantes - Fuga No 2 (Ao Vivo TV Cultura. 1969. Brazil), 49) Os Mutantes – Panis Et Circenses (Ao Vivo TV Cultura. 1969. Brazil), 50) Shocking Blue – Venus (1969. Holland), 51) Cindy and Bert - Der Hund Von Baskerville (1971. Germany), 52) Theme from Here Come The Double Deckers (1970)

The movie is available here as a ten part zip: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10

Or alternatively if you have Emule here: ed2K here

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Telepathic Fish

As requested, here is the fifty minute mix from one of the Telepathic Fishes. This was originally posted by Mixmaster Morris on his Myspace, but since then, the link can't be found.

The Telepathic Fish was held irregularly on Sunday afternoon's in the Cooltan Arts Center in Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London. This was a squat in the old Unemployment Benefit Office and a popular place for parties at the time.

The Telepathic Fish was very much a chill-out affair, with mattresses strewn around the floor, video projections, and a rising inflating and deflating white thing in the center of the room.

I'm not sure of the date of this recording, although it would have been sometime during 1993. There's no tracklisting either. Enter here and enjoy.

THE SPY WHO WENT POP! (and other superheroes)

Go and have a listen to this album on the Official Trash Palace Blog. It's a great compilation of spy movie and Euro-superhero soundtrack music. It's been nicely put together.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sixties Garage and Psychedelic Bands, Volume 1 (video)

Here’s a compilation I made of videos of various sixties garage and psychedelic bands, plus a few extras. The quality does vary as all of it came from different sources on the internet. There are also another two volumes in this series which are even larger.

Running Time: 131 mins
Format: avi (XviD)
Frame Rate: 25.00 fps

1) Nelson Riddle - Theme from Batman (Hullabaloo. 1966), 2) Booker T & the MG's - Green Onions (Shindig. mid '60's), 3) The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard (Mothers-In-Law, TV show. 28/04/1968), 4) The Seeds - Mr Farmer (Shebang. 1966), 5) Swinging Medallions - Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) (Promo. 1966), 6) The Castaways - Liar Liar (It's A Bikini World, film cameo. 1967), 7) The Standells – Dirty Water (Where The Action Is. 1966), 8) Paul Revere & The Raiders - Pontiac GTO ad (1969), 9) Paul Revere & The Raiders - Steppin' Out On Me (Hullabaloo. 1966), 10) Paul Revere & The Raiders - Just Like Me (Hullabaloo. 1966), 11) Outsiders - Time Won't Let Me (1966), 12) 13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me (Where the Action Is. 1966), 13) The Monks - Boys Are Boys/Monk Chant/Oh, How To Do Now (Beat Club. 1966), 14) The Knickerbockers - The Coming Generation (American Bandstand. 1966), 15) The Knickerbockers – Lies (Hollywood A Go-Go. 1965), 16) Cannibal & The Headhunters - Land Of 1000 Dances (Hollywood A Go-Go. 1965), 17) Sir Douglas Quintet - She's About A Mover( Hullabaloo. 1965), 18) The Gentrys - Keep On Dancing (Shindig. 1965), 19) The Remains - Open Up Your Door (Ed Sullivan Show. 1965), 20) The Monkees/Bugs Bunny - Kool-Aid ad (1969), 21) Question Mark & The Mysterians – 96 Tears (Where The Action Is. 1965), 22) The Beau Brummels - Laugh Laugh (Shindig. 1965), 23) The Bantams - Do You Love Me? (Shivaree. mid '60's), 24) Blues Magoos - Pipe Dream (Smothers Brothers. 1967), 25) The Nazz - Open My Eyes (Promo, directed by Ray Dennis Steckler. 1968), 26) The Amboy Dukes - Journey To The Center Of The Mind (Ray Antony Show. 1968), 27) The Amboy Dukes - Flight Of The Byrd (Ray Antony Show. 1968), 28) Cyrkle - Red Rubber Ball (Hullabaloo (1966), 29) The Box Tops – The Letter (Greenwich Village. 1967), 30) Five Americans - Western Union (Steve Allen Show. 1967), 31) The Byrds - Mr Tambourine Man (Ed Sullivan Show. 12/12/1965), 32) The Byrds – Eight Miles High (Promo. 1966), 33) Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense And Peppermints (American Bandstand. 1967), 34) Strawberry Alarm Clock – Tomorrow (Steve Allen Show. 1967), 35) The Mamas and the Papas - California Dreaming (Hullabaloo. 1966), 36) The Monkees – Head trailer (1968), 37) Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit (1967), 38) Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love (Beat Club. 1967), 39) Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking (Promo. 1966), 40) Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By (Hullabaloo. Dec. 1964), 41) The Animals – It’s My Life (Hullabaloo. 1965), 42) The Kinks - You Really Got Me (Shindig. 1965), 43) The Kinks - All Day And All Of The Night (Hullabaloo. 1965), 44) The Yardbirds - Heart Full Of Soul (Shindig. 1965), 45) The Rolling Stones – Get Off My Cloud (Hullabaloo. 1965), 46) The Zombies - She's Not There (Hullabaloo. 1965), 47) The Creation – Painter Man (Beat Club. 1967), 48) Flower Pot Men - Let's Go To San Francisco (Beat Club. 1967), 49) LSD Testing (British Troops), 50) 14 Hour Technicolor Dream (Pathe News. London. 29/4/1967)

The movie is available here as a ten part zip: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10

Or alternatively if you have Emule here: ed2K here

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Coldcut Solid Steel with The Open Mind Collective

In 1988, Solid Steel began as a radio show on Kiss FM (radio station for the London area) hosted by Coldcut's Matt Black and Jonathan More, where they were not only able to play and mix records, but also display their cut-up technique live. The show was known for airing "The Broadest Beats in London" and the two hour show was broadcast on Sunday mornings from 1am to 3am. It was filled by improv, with each DJ taking sets of 30 minutes. They also had guests come into the studio and contribute to the mix, most notably The Orb.

I think that the early to mid-nineties was a great time for ambient music and the show I've included here is a good example. This particular show is guested by The Open Mind Collective who were behind the Telepathic Fish, which was a Sunday daytime ambient chill-out party held in Brixton’s CoolTan.

This show contains very little chat, just two hours of non-stop chilled-out head beats with the commercial breaks edited out. Sit back and enjoy!

Broadcast: Kiss FM, 11th July, 1993

Thanks to Steve Norgate and Strictly Kev for the tracklisting:

01 - Sequential - The Mission (Live From the Outer Zone (Rising High)
+ Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome to The Pleasure Dome 12" intro (on 33rpm) (ZTT)
02 - Sexy Selector - Original Rockers (Beyond Records)
03 - St Etienne - Your Head My Voice (Voix Revirement by Aphex Twin) (Heavenly)
04 - Jungle Brothers - Ultimatum Jungle Beats (Gee Street)
+ unknown african chanting
05 - LS Diesel and Launch DAT - Rougher Than A Lion
06 - Psychic Warriors of Gaia - Maenad (The Valley) (KK records)
+ Bob Ager and Bob Hardcastle - Discourse about good recorded sound (from Hear This!)
07 Kraftwerk - Home Computer (EMI) (still with Maenad & spoken word)
08 - Seefeel - Minky Starshine
09 - Nightmares On Wax - Nights Interlude (Warp)
+ George Carlin - God (from Toledo Window Box - Little David records)
10 - No Man - Heaven Taste
11 - 21st Century Aura - Disorientation
12 - DJ Spike - Outer Land (part one) (Blanc Records)
13 - Grace Jones - The Crossing (Ohh The Action...) (ZTT)
14 - Kraftwerk - Morgenspaziergang (Vertigo)
15 - Dreamfish - School Of Fish (Fax/Rising High)
16 - Barbarella - Barbarella (Irresistable Force Mix) (Rising High)
+ George Carlin - Nursery Rhymes (from Toledo Window Box - Little David records)

17 - Sven Väth - L'Esperanza
18 - Hypnotone - God C.P.U
19 - Banco De Gaia - Shanti
20 - Sandals - Nothing (Dub)
21 - Mr Men intro and Mr Funny story + Global Communication - 14:31(Evolution)
22 - Moby - Go (Jam & Spoon's Delirium Mix)
23 - Moody Boys - Free (XL) + Terrance McKenna / Shamen - Re:evolution spoken word (One Little Indian)
24 - Fleetwod Mac - Albatross
25 - Sequential - Sequential (Dune mix) (Rising High)
26 - Biosphere - Unknown
27 - Irresistable Force - Mountain High (Live) (Rising High)
28 - Original Rockers - Stoned (Beyond Records)
29 - Minnie Riperton - Lovin You

Links Removed (sorry!). Please read comments.

Vietnam War Pirate Radio Show

I’ve just found this great timepiece from the Vietnam War. It’s an entire pirate radio show broadcast by Dave Rabbit from a whore house in Saigon in January, 1971, and as Dave Rabbit says on his website:

“These recordings contain explicit material, hard acid rock music and comments about the issues of the times which were sex, drugs and rock and roll. These shows were created for the entertainment of the troops that put their lives on the line every day in Vietnam and were part of the huge Anti-War movement which was happening within the military itself against the war in Vietnam.”

The show's fascinating and the music is great.

You can download the entire show in MP3 format at 192 KBPS here.

Dave Rabbit’s still broadcasting and you can hear the original show streamed from his website here.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Incredibly Strange Music: Volumes 1 & 2

If you like strange music, you may like these two albums which are tie-ins to the two excellent Incredible Strange Music books published by RE/Search Publications.

Volume 1
All the songs here are pretty strange, with 9 of the 13 tracks being instrumentals. The songs with lyrics are comedy songs, with the exception of Kali Bahlu's "A Cosmic Telephone Call", which is a bizarre 11 minute recounting of a telephone conversation she had with Buddha(!). The instrumentals include guitar instrumentals, sound effects, xylophone, out of tune sitar, percussion, Moog, accordion and whistling.

1. Busy Bee - Buddy Merrill
2. Sweet 16 - Bob Peck
3. Lonesome Road - Dean Elliott
4. Will to Fail - Katie Lee
5. Minute Merengue - Harry Breuer
6. Up, Up and Away
7. Mister Hot Rod - Scramblers
8. Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals
9. Swan's Splashdown - Perrey-Kingsley
10. Tico-Tico - Jo Anne Castle
11. Hawaiian War Chant - Billy Mure
12. Wiliam Tell Overture
13. Cosmic Telephone Call - Kali Bahlu


Volume 2
This is my favorite of the two volumes. Here you get moog instrumentals, novelty songs, word jazz, Hawaiian music, xylophone instrumentals, doll-like ventriloquist gospel music and some things that are uncategorizable.

1. Skokian - Hot Butter
2. The Mummy - Bob McFadden & Dor
3. The Letter - The Nirvana Sitar & String Group
4. Walking On The Moon - Lucia Pamela
5. Flesh - Ken Nordine
6. Chopsticks Guitar - Billy Mure
7. Lover's Prayer - Myrtle K. Hilo
8. Delicado - Russ Garcia And His Orchestra
9. Introduction Del Close & John Brent
10. Gossipo Perpetuo - Jean Jacques Perrey
11. Green - Ken Nordine
12. Full Moon - Eden Ahbez
13. Bumble Bee Bolero - Harry Breuer
14. Join The Gospel Express - Marcy
15. Terror - Les Baxter
16. Yellow - Ken Nordine
17. 1st Song/Opening Monologues - Rusty Warren


Friday, March 28, 2008

Tapastry (Spanish & Latin American Pop,Psych & Beat)

Here's a very good compilation of 60's Spanish and Latin American pop, psych and beat music compiled by my friend Cuthbert9 .

1: Los Pekinikes - Cerca De las Estrellas (España)
2: Los Holys - Choque De Vientos (Perú)
3: Los Golden Stars - Pasto Verde (Perú)
4: Los Holys - Spectro 1
5: Los Knacks - Dejame En El Pasado (Argentina)
6: Los Pasos - Voces De Otro Mundo (España)
7: Los Pasos - Iluvia En La Estacion
8: Los chijuas - Te Quiero (México)
9: Los Shakers - I Hope You'll Like It 042 (Uruguay)
10: La Joven Guardia - La Muerte Del Extrano (Argentina)
11: Los Pasos - Yo Fui El Mejor
12: Los Gatos - Hoy Amanecio (Argentina)
13: Los Zooms - Algo Mas (España/Holanda)
14: Los Shakers - HIigher Than A Tower
15: Los Nivram - Sombras (España)
16: Los Chijuas - El Sol Se Esta Oscureciendo
17: Los Brincos - Nadie Te Quiere Va (España)
18: Los Walkers - 19.8 (Argentina)
19: Los Vidrios Quebrados - Oscar Wilde (Chile)
20: Los Mac's - Al Oltro Lado Del Mar (Chile)
21: The Spiders - People Deceive (México)

Disc Two:

1: Los Jockers - Yo Te Quiero (Chile)
2: Los Jockers - Nueva Sociedad
3: Los Bric A Brac - Nunca Jamas
4: Los Canarios - Get On Your Knees (España)
5: Los Canarios - Peppermint Frappe
6: Los Mockers - Tell Me Something New (Uruguay)
7: Los Canarios - Free Yourself
8: La Joven Guardia - El Comprador De Amaneceres
9: Os Mutantes - Panis Et Circensis (Brasil)
10: La Joven Guardia - El Extraño Del Pelo Largo
11: Los Canarios - Baby Don't Surprise Me
12: Os Mutantes - A Minha Menina
13: Arco Iris - Abre De Ti (Argentina)
14: Formula V - Tras De Ti (España)
15: Micky Y Los Tonys - El Problema De Mis Pelos (España)
16: Los Canarios - Tried So Hard
17: Los Gritos - Veo Visiones
18: Los Gatos - Me Haras Pensar En El Amor
19: Joven Guardia -Eu Ja Sei
20: Juan And Junior - A Dos Ninas (España)
21: Los Gatos Salvajes - En Tu Corazon (Argentina)
22: Los Shains - Lupe Vuelve A Casa (Perú)
23: Laghonia - The Sandman (Perú)
24: Los Bravos - I Don't Care (España)

Disc one is available here and disc two is in two parts here and here. Hope you enjoy them.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Howdy Doody Time (weirdo compilation)

Here’s a two disc comp I made of red-neck country western, swamp music, Las Vegas pump ‘n’ grind, demented garage punk, 50’s trash, greasy soul, demented novelty songs, weirdness, and all interlaced with a healthy dollop of sleazy drive-in movie trailers.

This music was compiled from compilation albums such as Wavy Gravy, Four Hairy Policemen, Cough Mixture For Elvis Impersonators, Psycho Serenade, Bent Batty And B’Noxious, Forbidden City Dog Food as well as a few others.
Disc One:
  1. Howdy Doody Time – What Time Is It?
  2. The Trashmen - Surfin’ Bird
  3. The Elite - One Potatoe
  4. Mickey Lee Lane - Shaggy Dog
  5. Moses Longpiece - Slide Her Under The Door
  6. The Graveyard 5 - The Marble Orchard
  7. Poets – Dead
  8. Dr Cough – Pot Party
  9. Wendell Austin – LSD
  10. Jimmy Curtis - Psychedelic Situation
  11. Porter Waggoner - Rubber Room
  12. The Saxons - Draggin’ Around
  13. Marlins - Let Down
  14. The Juveniles - Bo Diddley
  15. Mickey And The Clean Cuts – Soapy
  16. Groundhog Richardson - Take It Off
  17. Jim Pipkins - Chew Tobacco Rag
  18. Paul Wibier – Satan
  19. Martin Mull - Santa Doesn’t Cop Out On Dope
Disc Two:
  1. William Castle - A Warning!
  2. King Horror - Loch Ness Monster
  3. The Leather Boy - On The Go
  4. Jefferson County - City Billy
  5. Kenny Henkle’s Friends - The Bee
  6. Sebastian Peabody - Grave In The Desert
  7. Headliners - Voodoo Plan
  8. Pat Bone - Clinkerated Chimes
  9. Bob Ridgely - She Was A Mau Mau
  10. Lou Millet - Slip, Slip, Slippin’ In
  11. Johnny Buckett - Hippy In A Blunder
  12. Alt Take - Purple Haze
  13. Frantics - The Whip
  14. Lion And The Leprechauns - Mouse Trap
  15. The Riddler - The Riddler
  16. Barn’n’Jess - Banjo Stomp
  17. Nervous Norvus - Wild Dogs Of Kentucky
  18. Harmonica Frank Floyd - Swamp Root
  19. Red River Dave - The California Hippy Murders
This compilation has been posted here.

Thursday, February 21, 2008