Saturday, June 28, 2008

Telepathic Fish

As requested, here is the fifty minute mix from one of the Telepathic Fishes. This was originally posted by Mixmaster Morris on his Myspace, but since then, the link can't be found.

The Telepathic Fish was held irregularly on Sunday afternoon's in the Cooltan Arts Center in Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London. This was a squat in the old Unemployment Benefit Office and a popular place for parties at the time.

The Telepathic Fish was very much a chill-out affair, with mattresses strewn around the floor, video projections, and a rising inflating and deflating white thing in the center of the room.

I'm not sure of the date of this recording, although it would have been sometime during 1993. There's no tracklisting either. Enter here and enjoy.


Pad said...

thanks a lot for this,
and the new steel too.

Strictly Kev said...

Mr B
This was recorded at Telepathic Fish 2 which was held in a squat at Tunstall Road in Brixton. we did 2 there after a ram packed one at our old flat in East Dulwich.
After those we did one in the Cool Tan and then more at Megatripolis' chillout lounge, Brixton Academy VIP lounge, the Roundhouse and even one in a disused gas works in Amsterdam.
There are 3 90 minute tapes from this set of which I have at least two but I think they were the only Fishes that got taped. The DJs who played were Mixmaster Morris, Aphex Twin and the Openmind DJs - myself, Mario and Chantal, possibly with others too.


Anonymous said...

I feel like were very close. telepathic fish swimming on very strongly through the airwavez