Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hipshakers Vol. 10

If you bought and enjoyed the compilations Le Beat Bespoke Volumes 1 and 2 by the New Untouchables, then you’ll probably enjoy this compilation by New Untouchables head man Rob Bailey. This is Volume 10 of his 10 volume series which he privately sold on cassette tape prior to releasing the CDs. Actually, this volume was the only one of the series which he put out on CD-R. Like the Le Beat Bespoke compilations, it’s a mix of mod, garage, psych, freakbeat, blue-eyed soul, and is very good for any foot–tappin’ party. This is my favorite volume of the series.

The original CD-R only played as two tracks so I’ve split them all up into their individual tracks so as to make it a bit more user-friendly. Sorry about the black and white cover as my copy is a photocopy of a friend’s.

N.B. I see there will soon be a volume 3 of Le Beat Bespoke.

Hipshakers Vol. 10

1. Intro
2. Fire & Ice – Mirrors
3. Vanity Fare – Megowd
4. Sweet Smoke – Mary Jane is to Love
5. Plastic Penny – It’s a Good Thing
6. Los Gatos Negros – You Took Your Love
7. Jackie Lomax – Little Yellow Pill
8. The Kool – Step Out of Your Mind
9. Claude Fancois – Serre-moi, Griffe-mo
10. Dick Wagner & the Frosts – Sunshine
11. Thane Russell – If I Were a Carpenter
12. The Roundtable – Eli’s Comin’
13. Willie Hobbs – On the Move
14. Frankie Newsome – Don’t Miss With My Lovemaker
15. Joe Jeffery – The Train
16. Tom Jones – Looking Out My Window
17. Gene Latter – Holding a Dream
18. Krimson Kake – Waiter
19. Joy Unlimited – Feelin’
20. Chopper – Think I’m a Man
21. Focal Point – Sycamore Sid

Part one and two.

Sleaz and Cheaz

I've been listening to a great mix this past week which I'd downloaded from the Sleazy Listening blog. It's a compilation of music from 70's Italian soft-core porn movies, most notably the Black Emmanuelle series, and Serge Gainsbourg orientated songs as well as a few others thrown in. The whole thing has been very slickly mixed and makes a perfect accompaniment to those more tender moments when you are with your girlfriend. I recommend visiting Sleazy Listening and having a listen.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sixties Garage and Psychedelic Bands, Volume 3 (video)

Here’s Volume 3 of the compilation I made of videos of various sixties garage and psychedelic bands, plus a few extras. The quality does vary as all of it came from different sources on the internet. Thanks to people like Bedazzled and Beyond the Beat Generation for uploading the originals.

I have a video with another two hours of American garage bands which I may post at a later date. The quality of it is very bad at times, but apart from about three tracks, none of it I have posted before.

Running Time: 162 mins
Format: avi (XviD)
Frame Rate: 25.00 fps

1) Korla Pandit - Magnetic Theme (Adventures in Music. circa. 1950’s, USA), 2) Count Five - Psychotic Reaction (Where The Action Is, 1966. USA), 3) Changin' Times - How Is The Air Up There? (Shivaree. 1966. USA), 4) Good Guys - Stupid Tuesday (Tea council "Battle of the Bands", 1967, USA), 5) The Cavemen - Mustang Sally (Mike Douglas Show. 1966. USA), 6) Swing Wing (ad. 1965. USA), 7) The Atlantics - It's A Hard Life (The Go!! Show. 1966. Australia.), 8) Black Diamonds - See The Way (1966. Australia.), 9) Allusions - Gypsy Woman (The Go!! Show. 1966. Australia), 10) D-Coys – Bad Times (The Go!! Show. 1966. Australia), 11) Hollywood a Go Go (complete show open and close. 1965. USA), 12) Tony & The Bandits - It's A Bit of Allright (Shindig. 1965. USA), 13) Ray Columbus and the Invaders – She’s A Mod (1964. New Zealand), 14) This Is Tom Jones (ABC TV Promo. 1969. UK), 15) Sump'n Else (psychedelic light show. 1968. USA), 16) The Tangerine Zoo - Farther Down The Road (live. 1969. USA), 17) The Cake - You Can Have Him (The Smothers Brothers. 1967. USA), 18). Sharon Tandy with Fleur De Lys – Hold On (Beat Club. 1967. UK), 19) Yardbirds - Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (1967. UK), 20) It's Refreshment Time (ad. 1969. USA), 21) 7 Up (ad. 1968. USA), 22) Jack Nitzsche - The Last Race (Village of the Giants. 1965. USA), 23) Sylvie Vartan – Irresistiblement (1968. France), 24) Brigitte Bardot – Special Bardot (opening titles. 1967) / Harley Davidson (promo. 1968. France), 25) Aliki Vougiouklaki (Ah! Afti I Gynaika Mou. 1967. Greece), 26) La Joven Guardia - El Extrano Del Pelo Largo (El Extraño de Pelo Largo. 1970. Argentina), 27) La Joven Guardia - Vuelvo A Casa (El Extraño de Pelo Largo. 1970. Argentina), 28) Creatures - Where Can She Be (Käpy Selän Alla. 1966. Finland), 29) Shanes - I Don't Want Your Love (1965. Sweden), 30) Go Go Dancing Marathon (news clip. Australia. 1966), 31) Deakins - Look And Learn (The Go! Show. 1966. Australia), 32) Yvonne Barrett and The Cherokees – Off And Running (The Go! Show. 1966. Australia), 33) Russell Morris - The Real Thing (promo. 1969. Australia), 34) Beach Girls and The Monster (trailer. 1965. USA), 35) Erica and Margarita Broyer - Little Kiss (Teddy Boy Agapi Mou. 1965. Greece), 36) Captain Beefheart - Who Do You Think You're Fooling (Where The Action Is. 1966. USA), 37) The Castaways – Liar Liar (Never Too Young. 1965. USA), 38) The Castaways - Sam (Shivaree. 1965. USA), 39) Bobby Fuller Four - Swing A-Ma Thing (Ghost in the Invisible Bikini. 1966. USA), 40) unknown song (Nyxta Gamou. 1967. Greece), 41) Yeye Blouses (ad. 1967. Japan), 42) Le Girls with Kanai Katsuko – Mini Mine Love (1967. Japan), 43) Ox - Tears Of Swan (Japan. 1968), 44) The Tempters - Legend Of Emerald (1968. Japan), 45) The Mops -Bera Yo Isoge (1968. Japan), 46) The Blue Comets - Blue Eyes (Where To?. 1966. Japan), 47) The Blue Comets - Blue Chateau (1966. Japan), 48) Die Jungen Nachtwandler (trailer for German TV documentary on Swinging London. 1967. Germany), 49) Procul Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale (promo. 1967. UK), 50) Traffic - Paper Sun (promo. 1967. UK), 51) Trogs - Wild Thing (1966. UK), 52) Cryin Shames - What's News Pussycat (1966. UK), 53) Les Sinners - Elle Est Revenue (1966. Québec, Canada), 54) Olympic - Psychiatrický Prášek (1967. Czechoslovakia), 55) Eric Burdon and the Animals - Hey Gyp (Festival of the Flower Children, Woburn Abbey. 1967. UK), 56) Susan George Dancing in a Bikini (Die Screaming, Marianne. 1971. UK), 57) The Poppy Family - Happy Island (1969. Canada), 58) Moon Maids - There's A Cinder In My Eye (Shivaree. 1965. USA), 59) Caltex with Sabrina (ad. 1961. Australia), 60) Joi Lansing - Web Of Love (Scopitones. 1965. USA), 61) Joi Lansing - The Silencer (Scopitones. 1965. USA), 60) Mulqueen’s Kiddie A-Go-Go, includes The New Colony Six – I Lie Awake (Mulqueen’s Kiddie A-Go-Go. 1965. USA), 61)The One One Seven Group - unknown (Festival of the Flower Children, Woburn Abbey. Pathe News. 1967. UK), 62) Jerry Abrams - 'Be-In' (short film. 1967. USA)

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