Saturday, October 4, 2008


Here is a great EP from Cowcube. The music is really unique and hard to describe – just think of lots of samples of old Space Invader arcade games. The story of Cowcube is interesting:

Cowcube (a.k.a. Paul Stimpson) made the [John Peel Radio Show] 2000 Festive Fifty with Popping Song. He actually gave his demo to John's son William in a pub in Stowmarket, and it sat on a shelf for a year, until John found it and proclaimed it the best thing he'd heard that year. {Info courtesy of Margrave, p. 390]

From what I vaguely remember this was one of the most requested songs on his show that year and ironically Cowcube never had a recording contract. From what I remember, he was offered one but was asked to tone it down with the samples. Because of this, he refused the deal.

This EP he sold on CD-R directly from his home.

I haven’t heard any more of Cowcube, which is a real shame as he is obviously a unique and talented artist.

1) Tickle Burst
2) Metrocross
3) Sprite
4) Itchy Cut



Paul said...

This stuff is great!

I've "googled" the name and found a completely uninformative MySpace page, but very little beyond that.

I want more!

Anonymous said...

Yes have the album