Thursday, December 25, 2008

Coldcut Solid Steel 21/8/93

Here’s my final Coldcut Solid Steel. This one is hosted by Matt Black and Jonathan Moore and is an incomplete show. When I originally transferred it from the tape I also edited out some of the chat because I thought there was too much.

Broadcast: Kiss FM, 21st August, 1993

Thanks again to Harbour for the set list:

1. Retravibe Movement - The Big Cheese Sound (Phat Vibes)
2. Wizards of Ooze - Doodahdip (Backbone)
3 & 4 Atypic - Focus Mel (Warp)
5. The Black Dog – Parallel
6. Balil – Flux (Rising High)
7. Negativland - The Perfect Cut (SST)
8. Producers For Bob - Everything's Disappeared (Steinski's Warehouse Mix)
9. Henryk Górecki РLento E Largo - Tranquillissimo (Nonesuch)
10. Loop Guru - Paradigm Shuffle (Bird Of Paradise) (Nation)
11. Tranquility Bass - Mya Yadana (Caroline)
12. unknown ethnic house
13. Delroy & Ken - Won't You Come Home (Studio One)
14. John Holt - A Love I Can Feel (Trojan)
15. The Pioneers – Jackpot (Trojan)

Part One is here and Part Two is there

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coldcut Solid Steel 11/09/93

Here’s another Coldcut Solid Steel hosted by Matt Black. Again it's incomplete with about 40 minutes missing at the end.

I’ve just found I’ve got one more incomplete show from ’93. It’s a bit patchy but if anyone wants it, I can post it.

Broadcast: Kiss FM, 11th September, 1993

Thanks again to Harbour for the tracklisting.

1. Gideon – Planet Nod (unreleased track from scrapped Gideon album on Ninja Tune)
2. Dub Syndicate - 2001 Love (On U Sound)
3. Herman - New Love (Trojan Records)
4. Mother Dawn – Blue Pearl (Orb Buckateer Mix) (Big Life)
5. Polygon Window - UT1-Dot (Warp)
6. Sandoz - Biosynthetic (Touch)
7. Red Cell - Outerrim (B12)
8. Deep Six - Chomsky (Pork)
9. Pato Banton meets Thrash - Depths Of An Ocean's Love (Tribe)
10. Unknown dub
11. Unknown Indian ambience
12. Insanity Sect - Choctaw Ridge(Beyond)
13. Amorphous Androgynous - Mountain Goat(Quigley)
14. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Michael Brook - Sea of Vapours

Part One is here and Part Two is there

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Coldcut Solid Steel 18/7/93

Here’s my final tape of a complete (minus the commercials breaks) Coldcut Solid Steel radio show. This one is hosted by its regular host, Matt Black.

The show ends with a 50 minute “master-mix” put together by PC (aka DJ Food) & CC (whoever that is!).

Thanks to Harbour for the tracklisting.

Broadcast: Kiss FM, 18th July, 1993

Veggi Grooves - Start Here (Super Doppler Communications)
Sahasara - Mosaic (Radioactive Lamb)
Tangerine Dream - Fauni-Gena (Virgin)
The Inqusition - A Day And Forever (Radioactive Lamb)
Sahasara - Immerse (Radioactive Lamb)
Fuse - Another Time (Revisted) (Warp)
The Inquisition - Call Of L (Radioactive Lamb)
Mind Over Rhythm - Erzulie (Rumble)
Danny Red - Warn Dem (Dredbeat Records)
Augustus Pablo - Jah Dread (Shanachie )
Shakti & John Mclaughlin - India (Columbia)
Dreamfish - School Of Fish (Rising High)
Fuse - Dimension Intrusion (Warp)
Ubik - Non Stop Techno (Zoom)
B-12 - Hall Of Mirrors (Warp)
unknown dark techno
Amorphous Androgynous - Auto Pimp (Quigley)

Part One is here and Part Two is there