Friday, December 25, 2009

Hipshakers Vol. 8

Here’s another volume from the Hipshakers compilation series compiled by New Untouchables head man Rob Bailey and sold privately on cassette tape.

Contains more mod, garage, psych, freakbeat and blue-eyed soul.

01. Spencer Davis Group - Mulberry Bush Promo - Looking Back
02. New Colony Six - Dawn Is Breaking
03. Danny Linberg - Wade In The Shade
04. Savage Resurrection - Thing In E
05. Lloyd Alexander Real Estate - Gonna Live Again
06. King Size Taylor - Somebody's Always Trying
07. Freddy King - I've Got A Woman
08. Little Johnny Taylor - Somewhere Down The Line
09. Alan Brown Set - I Really Care
10. Mark Lloyd - When Evening Falls
11. Square Set - That's What I Want
12. Jazz Dropouts - Mexican Flyer
13. Sid Ramin - Stiletto
14. Golden Toadstools - Silly Savage
15. Little Royal - Soul Train
16. Don Fardon - I'm Alive
17. Soul Inc. - Love Me When I'm Down
18. Randy & Radiants - My Way Of Thinking
19. Blue Things - 1 Hour Cleaner
20. Los Buenos - Groovy Woovy
21. Maquina - Lands Of Perfection
22. Hifi's - Tread Softly For The Sleepers

Part One is available here and Part Two is there. Download both parts to unzip.


Anonymous said...

you're a star! thanks for posting vol.8 so quickly ... and hopefully all other volumes, too ;-)

merry christmas and a happy new year!!!

Mr. B.Normal said...

If I can, I'll try and post Vol. 7 next weekend.

Anonymous said... there anything I could offer in return?

Mr. B.Normal said...

Thanks for the offer, but there's no need to worry. I probably would have posted these at sometime in the future anyway, so it's just spurred me on to do it sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

awesooome! thx!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are the first one to even post this series on the net ... thank you so much for the effort!

Do you by any chance have one of these???

va - Le Beat Bespoké Volume 2 ?

va - Floor Filler Killers - New Directions Vol.3

Been searching for a while ...
thx in advance


Mr. B.Normal said...


Yeah, I have Le Beat Bespoké Volume 2. I'll try and post it within the next week.

Anonymous said...

thanks a bunch !!!