Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hipshakers Vol. 9

Here’s another volume from the Hipshakers compilation series compiled by New Untouchables head man Rob Bailey and sold privately on cassette tape. He’s the man behind the popular Le Beat Bespoke compilations.

I previously posted Volume 10 here and I thought I’d now start with Volume 1, but thinking about it, the first few volumes were probably the weaker ones in the series so instead I’m working backwards and have posted Volume 9.

Like the Le Beat Bespoke compilations, it’s a mix of mod, garage, psych, freakbeat and blue-eyed soul. Because these were on cassette tape, I’ve cleaned up the sound slightly.

Let me know if anyone wants more volumes in this series.

1. Intro
2. D Gerrard – Sexologie
3. H Carpendale / Daisy Clan - Du Has Mich / Glory Be
4. Spirit - I Got A Line On You
5. Alex Harvey - Midnight Moses
6. World of Oz - Willows Harp
7. Galt McDermott – Hair
8. Aesop's Fables – Truth
9. Evolution - Fresh Garbage
10. Countdown 5 - Shake Na Na
11. Gentrys - I Need Love
12. Climax - You / I
13. Village Callers - I Don't Need No Doctor
14. Latin Dimensions - Mr. Mod
15. Tony Colton - Further On Down The Track
16. Bill Deal And Rhondells - Day By Day
17. Simon K And The Meantimers - Bring Your Love Back To Me
18. Jigsaw - One Way Street
19. John Smith And The New Sound - Just A Loser
20. Los Canarios - Trying So Hard
21. The Onyx - My Son John
22. Deep Set - That's The Way Life Goes

Part One is available here and Part Two is there. Download both parts to unzip.


Anonymous said...


...and YES, please post more hipshakers :-)

Merry X-mas!

Anonymous said...


...and YES, please post more hipshakers ;-)

merry x-mas!

Mr. B.Normal said...

I'll try and post Volume 8 next weekend.

Anonymous said...

this is really awesome! You are my santa haha

merry x-mas!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Been looking for these for many years now. Thanks so much for sharing!


Anonymous said...

I think the downloads are broken. Any way to send this to me?

Mr. B.Normal said...

I think you can still download it. It was probably just a temporary glitch.