Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hipshakers Vol. 5

More mod, garage, psych, freakbeat and blue-eyed soul with Volume 5 of the Hipshakers compilation series compiled by New Untouchables head man Rob Bailey and sold privately on cassette tape.

This volume contains one of my favourite tunes, Shocking Blue's Send Me A Postcard.

01. Gene Vincent – Bird Doggin'
02. Eddie Kirkland – Hawg
03. Jess and James – Change
04. The Swinging Medallions – Here It Comes Again
05. Thee Counts – Someday I'm Gonna Get You
06. Shocking Blue – Send Me A Postcard
07. The Pipps – Born A Free Man
08. Jacques Dutronic – A La Queve Yvelines
09. Scot of St James – Eiderdown Clown
10. The Longboatmen – Take Her Anytime
11. Les Yper Sound – Psyche Rock
12. Richard Kent Style – Go Go Children
13. Steve Marriot and The Moments – Money Money
14. The Rebel Rousers – As I Look
15. The Left Banke – I Haven't Got The Nerve
16. Hipster Image – Make Her Mine
17. Shirley Bassey – Spinning Wheel
18. Jack McDuff and Fathead Newman – Duffin Around
19. Bit A Sweet – Is It Off Is It On
20. Shadows of Knight – Run Run Billy Porter
21. Het – Kejje Nagaan
22. The Artwoods – Molly Anderson's Cookery Book

Part One is available here and Part Two is there. Download both parts to unzip.


Anonymous said...

aaaand thanks again man!

that bit a sweet song is ace !!!

Anonymous said...

here's a little thread:

va - the spanish trip - 23 obscure freak artifacts from the spanish underground scene!

very rare. This song is included:

here you go:

Mr. B.Normal said...

Many thanks for this!

The song on Youtube sounded good - I'll definitely grab this album.

JulesLt said...

Part 1 seems to have been deleted from Mediafire (though all the other Hipshakers files seem fine!).

Mr. B.Normal said...

Thanks, JulesLt, for letting me know.

I've now updated the links.

JulesLt said...

Ta! I've had this tape in the car for years. And now I no longer have a car with a tape player!

Anonymous said...

Mr b- My name is Michael Leder and my father produced the movie Revolution. He has the greatest stories about the history of Rock and Roll. I can be reached at

Mr. B.Normal said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the info. That sounds really interesting. I'll also post your message in the comments part of my review for Revolution.

All the best,