Saturday, February 27, 2010

The 13th Dimension

Here's Volume 1 of a series of compilations on CD-R compiled and sold exclusively at Positively 13 O'clock. These are fairly similar to the Hipshakers series with some crossover, but with slightly less soul and a bit more psych.

I only have four out of the nine volumes, so if you like it and want to hear the others, you can purchase them direct from here. They also have a another series called The Switched-On Sounds.

N.B. I've cleaned up the sound slightly and corrected the volume levels.

1. Bram Rigg Set - I Can Only Give You Everything
2. The Countdown Five - Shaka Shaka Na Na
3. Zen - Bye Bye Heart
4. The Nilsmen - Le Winston
5. Eddie Jefferson - Psychedelic Sally
6. Claude Francois - Reste
7. The 5th Dimension - Sunshine Of Your Love
8. Sandie Shaw - Satisfaction
9. Sylvie Vartan - Donne Moi Ton Amour
10. Cinnamon Quill - Candy
11. The Barrier - Spot The Lights
12. The Zipps - Kicks And Chicks
13. The Lions Of Juda - Katja
14. Five By Five - Hang Up
15. Aphrodite's Child - Magic Mirror
16. The Cherry Slush - I Cannot Stop You
17. The Young Rascals - Come On Up
18. Jackie Shane - Comin' Down
19. Brother Jack Mcduff - Hot Barbecue
20. Raelets - One Room Paradise
21. Jean And The Statesides - Putty In Your Hands
22. Lulu - Day tripper
23. The Mindbenders - It's Getting Harder All The Time
24. Bo Street Runners - Drive My Car
25. Noel Deschamps - Pour Le Pied
26. Neil Macarthur - She's Not There

Part One is available here and Part Two is there. Download both parts to unzip.


Anonymous said...

this comp is as awesome as the hipshaker series! thanks for constantly providing the soundtrack to my weekends :-)

DefChef said...

Just stumbled into yr blog via Trashsistors....great, GREAT stuff! Thanks for puttin' it up there!

Anonymous said...

niiiiiiice! hopefully you'll post the other volumes to!

Mr. B.Normal said...

Thanks for the comments.

I'll post another volume this weekend and the other two will follow shortly.