Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The 13th Dimension, Volume 3: Wig Out

Here is volume 3 of a great series compiled and sold exclusively at Positively 13 O'clock.

Volume 5: Go Gear to follow, but sorry, after that I don't have any more volumes. If you want them, you can buy them here.

N.B. I've cleaned up the sound slightly and corrected the volume levels.

1. The Quik - Soul Full Of Sorrow
2. The Countdown 5- Uncle Kirby (From Brazil)
3. Los Canarios - Peppermint Frappe
4. The Gibsons - City Life
5. Bobby Fuller Four - The Magic Touch
6. The Free-For-All - Show Me The Way
7. Zen - Please Accept My Invitation
8. Jon - Is It Love?
9. The Shadows Of Knight - Shake
10. The Green Slime - The Green Slime
11. Johnny Hallyday - Voyage Au Pays De Vivants
12. Jacques Dutronc - Je Suis Content
13. Los Bravos - Bring A Little Lovin'
14. Fleur De Lys - Stop Crossing The Bridge
15. The Eyes - I'm Rowed Out
16. The Afex - She's Got The Time
17. Don Fardon - I'm Alive
18. The Tower - Slow Motion Mind
19. Climax - You, I
20. Brian Auger & The Trinity - Tiger
21. Tony Ritchie - Comin' On Strong
22. Oscar - Club Of Lights
23. The Pebbles - Seven Horses In The Sky
24. Russell Morris - The Real Thing Part 1
25. Russell Morris - The Real Thing Part 2

Part One is here and Part Two is there.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again!

And to show my endless gratitude I have uploaded (like one of the other guys recently) some rare compilation

VA-swedish haschisch

over here http://rapidshare.com/files/363176152/swedishhaschisch.zip.html


By the way, I tried to contact "Positively 13th O'Clock" because I wanted to order all the CD's, but they did not reply? Any idea? Are they still in business?

Mr. B.Normal said...

Many thanks for the Swedish Haschisch! I look forward to listening to it.

Have you tried calling Positively 13th O'Clock because I see there's a phone number on their contacts page.

They are based up in Leeds, UK and once had a shop there, but that's now gone and so they do all their business via their website. Maybe it's a part-time thing for them these days.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr. B and anonymous ! Great Albums !

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Mr.B (and anonymous).
This blog is reaching serious levels of awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

Hi - volum3 part two is no longer on mediafire? If you have a spare moment might you be able to re-upload. thanks v much in advance. it would be a shame not to have both parts.

Mr. B.Normal said...

I've corrected Part 2. You'll need to download Part 1 again because I had to re-rip the disc and upload both parts again.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I downloaded these today because my CD copy has multiple skips. Almost all of your copies skip too. Is this a CD problem or a download problem? Mike

Mr. B.Normal said...

Hi Mike,

I'm not sure what that problem is because these files definitely don't skip. If they are skipping on your computer, maybe they didn't download correctly, but I think if that was the case you wouldn't be able to unzip them. Is your CD player okay? Anyway, these files have already been downloaded a couple of hundred times with no problems, so I don't think it's at this end. Hope you can sort it out soon.


Woodworker said...

They do skip. Download it (NOT your own copy!) and try 04 ~ The Gibsons ~ City Life It sounds awful.

Mr. B.Normal said...

Hi Woodworker,

Thanks for letting me know! You're correct, it sounds awful. I'm surprised no one's mentioned it before.

I'll rip it again and re-upload it. I'll try and do that today or at least within the next couple of days.

Mr. B.Normal said...

Sadly it doesn't look like I can re-rip the CD. I keep continually getting errors.

Woodworker said...

Sorry to hear that your original is bad, must have been a manufacturing error.

Thanks for trying and your quick reply.

Mr. B.Normal said...

I'm going to give it a try at ripping it on another machine. The disc plays fine, so I might have luck ripping it elsewhere. Stay tuned.

Mr. B.Normal said...

I've finally been able to re-rip the CD and the links are back up.