Sunday, March 28, 2010

The 13th Dimension, Volume 5: Go Gear

Here is the last volume I have in the 13th Dimension series. More volumes can be purchased at Positively 13 O'clock, but I'm not sure if they are still in business or not.

This will be my last post for a while as it's my annual holiday and I'm heading off for some much needed rest. Thanks for all the comments and shares of rare music!

1. Jigsaw - One Way Street
2. Double Feature - Baby, Get Your Head Screwed On
3. E yes Of Blue- Heart Trouble
4. Chords Five - Universal Vagrant
5. Hopscotch - Look At The Lights Go Up
6. The Rebel Rousers - As I Look
7. Winston's Fumbs - Real Crazy Apartment
8. The Boots - Alexander
9. Los Buenos - Groovy Woovy
10. Zen - Hair
11. Rupert's People - Hold On
12. Lindsay Muir's Untamed - Daddy Long Legs
13. The Richard Kent Style - Go Go Children
14. The Carnaby - Jump And Dance
15. St. Louis Union - East Side Story
16. The Meddyevils - Place Called Love
17. The Soul Agents - Don't Break It Up -
18. Herbie Goins And The Night-Timers - Cruisin'
19. Alex Harvey - Agent Oo Soul
20. The Birds - No Good Without You Baby
21. The Artwoods - I Take What I Want
22. The Untamed - Gimme, Gimme Some Shade
23. The Spencer Davis Group - High Time Baby
24. Lulu - Bye Bye Heart

Part One is available here and Part Two is there. Download both parts to unzip.


Anonymous said...

have a nice holiday ! Hope to see you back soon

stupiddle said...

Nice in here. Mediafire is great too. One concern please: Hipshakers V4Pt2 link at Mediafire seems inactive. Just me? Thanks for all this!

Mr. B.Normal said...

The link for Hipshakers V4Pt2 seems to be ok now. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch at Mediafire.

I'm trying to get my hands on a few more volumes of The 13th Dimension series. I think my friend has another four volumes. It's just our path's don't cross that often, so getting copies isn't too easy.

Anonymous said...

That... would be really awesome. This music is a drug very hard to get. Anyway, whether you get them or not, thanks a lot.