Saturday, March 6, 2010

Return to the 13th Dimension

Here is volume 2 of a great series compiled and sold exclusively at Positively 13 O'clock.

Volume 3: Wig Out and Volume 5: Go Gear to follow, but sorry, after that I don't have any more volumes. If you want them, you can buy them here.

N.B. I've cleaned up the sound slightly and corrected the volume levels.

1. Johnny Thunder - I'm Alive
2. The Outsiders - Touch
3. Zen - Everyday Around You
4. Jess And James - Something For Nothing
5. Jose Feliciano - If I Really Bug You
6. Jimmy Smith - Stay Loose
7. Dusty Springfield - If It Don't Work Out
8. Lulu - Morning Dew
9. The Creation - Tom Tom
10. Jacques Dutronc - A La Queue Les Yvelines
11. The Underdogs - Love's Gone Bad
12. The Questions - We Got Love
13. The Movement - Tell Her
14. The Shoes - Na Na Na
15. Q65 - Cry In The Night
16. Red Squares - You Can Be My Baby
17. Flavor - Shop Around
18. Martha Velez - Tell Mama
19. Mystery Artist - I'm A Believer
20. Sylvie Vartan - Ne T'en Vas Pas
21. Noel Deschamps - Curieux Docteur
22. Bonny St.Claire - I Surrender
23. The Fireballs - Groovy Motions
24. The Equals - The Skies Above
25. The Poor - She's Got The Time
26. Four Tops - I'm A Believer

This compilation can be found posted here.


Esmenard Victor said...

Thank yo for this series again, after the Hipshakers, it's great !

Unfortunately I had previously no other volumes, so I can't help, sorry :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff... Your effort is very much appreciated, really, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Marcio Miranda Said, 12/09/2011 (Monday)- Às 20h43min

19. Mystery Artist - I'm A Believer are Four Tops Ok.

Artist = Four Tops
Music = I'm A Believer
Album = Reach Out (Jul, 1967)
Track = 07

Mr. B.Normal said...

Hi Marcio, many thanks for the info!

I've got a couple more compilations in the Return to the 13th Dimension series, which I'll clean-up and post at some point.


Anonymous said...

Hello, any chance of a repost? The link safe one isn't working for me. Thanks!!

Mr. B.Normal said...

Thanks for letting me know. The link has now been updated.