Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coldcut Solid Steel (1995?)

Thanks to Bobkin for this. Here's another chillout session broadcast by Coldcut on Kiss FM. There's very little chat - just head tunes, so as Matt Black likes to say:

"Lash yourself a large one together, hold on to your ears, let your feet do the talking"

If anyone has any information info about this session, such as tracklisting and broadcast date, it would be very much appreciated.

Plug your ears in here.


Anonymous said...

love it! Cheers Pads

saru75 said...

Thanks a lot for uploading this. Its got 'Waiting List' by Docor Octagon on side B, so 1996?

Mr. B.Normal said...

Thanks for the info saru75!

Anonymous said...

some more old shows have been put up here

The Kenny tapes part 2

??-1?-1992 (Oct/Nov)


Mr. Primate said...

Hi there,

Any chance you still have "Stereo Test Recording mixed by God's Boyfriend" and that you could upload it again?

( )

Mr. B.Normal said...

Hi Mr. Primate, I'll try and upload it this weekend if I can.

bobkin said...

Wow 38 downloads already, im glad people like it, thanks for putting it on the main page.

"Its got 'Waiting List' by Docor Octagon on side B, so 1996?"

Late 95 at most, I know where I was living at the time and I left there late 95 and moved many miles, so maybe summer-autumn.

Mr. Primate said...

Many thanks. it's a classic mixtape that one

jim said...

This is 3 different shows! I have all these already:

First part is 16/6/96 whole show was a guest mic by Unitone Hi-Fi & Digi-dub.

Last part I have listed as July/August 96 DJ Food (Kev & PC).

The middle part I can;t find the right show with an exact date but I'm pretty sure also 96 and Kev &/or PC again.

Hope this helps.


Mr. B.Normal said...

Wow, Jim, thanks for the info!!

It sounds like you must have quite a collection of old Solid Steel shows and a good memory, too.