Sunday, September 16, 2012

The 13th Dimension, Volume 6: Poption

This is the final volume I have in the great 13th Dimension series which was compiled and sold on CD-R exclusively at Positively 13 O'clock. The shop seems to be pretty much defunct now, so at least you can enjoy them here.

Each volume contains a mixture of mod, garage, psych, freakbeat and blue-eyed soul. Don't forget to check out the others in this series which I've posted previously.

N.B. I've cleaned up the sound slightly and corrected the volume levels. Cover scans have been included.

1. The Johnston McPhilbry - She's Gone
2. Hickory - Green Light
3. The Detours - Pieces Of You
4. Jess & James - Change
5. Los Buenos - Looking Back
6. Randy & The Radiants - My Way Of Thinking
7. The Squires - Going All The Way
8. Alex Harvey - Midnight Moses
9. Winston's Fumbs - Snow White
10. The Fresh Windows - Fashion Conscious
11. Lulu - Stealing My Love From Me
12. Sandy Sarjeant - Can't Stop The Want
13. Penny & The Farthings - Mini Skirt
14. Tony Knight's Chessmen - Surfer Street
15. The Nitepeople - Summertime Blues
16. Gene Vincent - Bird-Doggin'
17. Elvis Presley - Rubberneckin'
18. Tom Jones - Looking Out My Window
19. The All Night Workers - Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket 
20. St. Louis Union - English Tea
21. Los Brincos - Passport
22. The Sonics - Shot Down
23. The Poets - That's The Way It's Got To Be
24. Science Poption - You Got Me High 

This compilation can be found here.


Esmenard Victor said...

Thank you for completing the series. One more volume of these excellent comps. Great :) !

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!!Miss your comps!

Chocoreve said...

This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed

Please repost !

Thanks in advance.

Mr. B.Normal said...

Hi Chocoreve,

Both links are still ok.

MLEEKA said...

The link to Part One is broken again. Links to the other volumes work. THANK YOU for such an interesting and obscure post.

Mr. B.Normal said...

The link still seems to be ok.

I think Mediafire occasionally has sporadic glitches every once in a while and then it returns to normal.

MLEEKA said...

Thank you for checking the links. The first link to 455bqiz5i1teoql still doesn't work for me but I will wait patiently and try again in the next few days. The second link to
ycouvcoyv8towc9 works perfectly, as did every other link for the series. Your post is a thoroughly fascinating find and I have enjoyed listening to these obscure songs. THANK YOU!!

Mr. B.Normal said...


Thanks for letting me know and I see it now. It was showing as active for me because I was still logged into Mediafire, but after logging out I can see that access has been denied.

The link is now good again.

MLEEKA said...

The new link works perfectly. These collections are really GREAT. Thanks for sharing. Where in the world did you find them?

Mr. B.Normal said...

Hi Mleeka,

I'm glad you like these comps. My friend originally bought them from Positively 13 O'clock. They were the people who also compiled them. Their link is in the post, but they seem to have since gone out of business.

Anonymous said...

Some wonderful stuff here...any chance you could re up vol 1 & 3 of hipshakers, and Vol 1 13th Dimension...Mediafire is no longer letting us get split archives...

Understand if not, thanks

Mr. B.Normal said...

Thanks for letting me know.

I'll hopefully re-up the files by the end of the weekend.

juan rapido said...

Hi, not sure if you are still maintaining the blog, but is there any way you can post volume 1 again? Great series! Thanks a ton for all the effort!

Mr. B.Normal said...

I still have the files, so I'll repost it at some point during the weekend.

juan rapido said...

Thanks Mr. B. Normal -- just got Volume !! Any way you can post part 1 of Volume 6 again?

Mr. B.Normal said...

Hi Juan,

Thanks for letting me know. The link has been updated.